Updating Kim’s Headshot – Ottawa Headshot Photographer

Oh my goodness, I just loved working with Kim! From our consultation together at a coffee shop to our Farmhouse Studio session, everything just flowed and came together. With just a few outfits and style changes we were able to create several different looks for Kim to choose from. And then she ended up with the most amazing headshots ever!

Ottawa Headshots

Not only do I love meeting clients before we get together for our session, but I love to be involved in the decision making process on what to wear, glasses or no glasses, hair up, hair down… you get the picture. I like to think that we should look like we do in our everyday business situations in our headshots. That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t up our game a little bit, but we really should strive to be recognizable from the online persona that we put forward.

More and more the first impression someone gets of us is truly our headshot/avatar/profile image that we share on social media, and often times we meet more online than we do in person, so it is great to put our best face forward when we can. It is 110% ok to go a little farther than you would on a given Wednesday for work, you can do your hair put on a little extra makeup, be camera ready! AND if you aren’t good at that, just let me know and I will bring in a make-up artist to do that for you.

For the gentlemen out there, it’s okay to schedule your session after a haircut or visit to the barber, it is always great to be fresh for your headshot, we want to see the best version of you as well.

The key is to look like yourself. I recently had someone NOT recognize me!! How on earth did that happen? Well, my current headshot that I am using has my hair in a ponytail over my shoulder. And as luck would have it the person that didn’t recognize me had never seen me with my hair down because the first time we met, I had my hair in a ponytail as well. Guess what? I almost NEVER wear a ponytail!!! So you know exactly what I will be doing in the upcoming week… updating my headshot. I do love the one I am using, but honestly and truly I don’t wear my hair up often enough to make it work for me going forward. But, that’s okay too. Time to update. Which, honestly should be done at least every other year, if not ever year. That depends on how much you change your hair style (which I clearly never do).

How about you? When was the last time you updated your headshot?

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