I spent the weekend in Nashville, Tennesee attending the Blissdom conference.

If you have followed me for a few years, you would know that I have attended and photographed all the Blissdom Canada Conferences and I have attended two previous Blissdom conferences in Nashville and Dallas. Blissdom took a break for six years. Time off to regroup and reset and the return was truly amazing. No longer a blogging and social media conference per se, but a business conference. A resource to help you tap into your business whether it is blogging, social media, photography or writing. And I have to say, I was not disappointed one little bit.

I was a Community Leader, as someone who has attended before, I was able to offer direction and insight to others as well as to help keep things on track for a successful conference all around.

I came home with my cup full, it was a well needed break from my every day and gave me a lot to consider adding or changing in my own business.

While I missed many people who attended in the past with me, I reconnected with some that I haven’t seen in six years and met some new people that I hope can be a part of moving forward into the next decade. I saw many amazing speakers and teachers and all around great people willing to share in order for us all to succeed.

Very, very big thanks to Alli Worthington, Barbara Jones and Paula Bruno for bringing back something that so many people needed.

Jo Saxton Blissdom

Opening Keynote with Jo Saxton


Jenny and Lu on stage at Blissdom

Lucrecer Braxton and Jenny Ingram warming up the crowd


Barbara Jones Co-founder Blissdom

Barbara Jones introducing Scott Stratton, UnMarketing , author or UnMarketing and The Jackass Whisperer


The Jackass Whisperer

UnMarketing telling us all not to be a Jackass, because there is a little Jackass in all of us.


Dylan Schneider Music

Dylan Schneider Music closing out Blissdom ’19 with some great tunes.


Alli Worthington Co-founder Blissdom

Alli Worthington giving her keynote speech at Blissdom, inspiring us, reminding us that ‘You ARE Enough’ and giving us ‘Grit & Grace’ to go forward.


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