BeYou(tiful) Anna – Ottawa & Rehoboth Beach Senior Photographer

Today in Ottawa it is a chilly -30C with the windchill. What better way to warm up then to post pictures of BeYou(tiful) Anna that were taken last summer on a hot and sweltering July evening that was an easy +35C with the humidex.

Anna is a Senior in High School and loves the beach just as much as I do. Anna is also an avid volleyball player. We discussed where we should do her Senior pictures, would she like a little bit of her hometown, some volleyball, formal, semiformal… Anna chose the beach. We had lots of fun, trying to stay cool and not get dipped into the ocean. Anna’s favorite beach, Ocean City, Maryland, is a few miles down the coast from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, however she opted to hang out at my beach for the day which was quite lovely and made for a great evening.

BeYou(tiful) Anna
We were thankful for the breezes off the ocean to cool us down just a little bit. Anna looks fantastic and didn’t let a little bit of warmth slow her down, with her infectious smile she is very easy to photograph. It was really fun to see people watching her all decked out and being fabulous on the beach. I look forward to spending more time with Anna this summer after graduation and before she heads off to College in the Fall.
Thank you, Anna for the amazing opportunity to capture you and your beauty!

BeYou(tiful) Anna

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