Three Generations of BeYou(tiful) – Ottawa Portrait Photographer

What could be more of a gift than having not two generations of beautiful women to capture but three? As we set out to book this session we were hampered by winter colds and holidays, so as we were trying to find the best time to get everyone together we realized that a certain fabulous day in May was the best day to come together. Mother’s Day it was. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day than with these beautiful women. And since it was Mother’s Day we knew we had to bring the youngest of the three generations to capture them all together.
This fabulous woman is a dear friend of mine from High School. We hadn’t seen each other for quite a few years (20 perhaps) and then one day as I was photographing a conference I was asked to speak about myself. There I was with no voice (from a cold) and speaking to a room full of some of Ottawa’s most successful business women and there she was in the audience, smiling that gorgeous smile. I stopped what I was saying and had one of those moments where you just say, “is that really you?” and we have run into each other off and on since.

Last October, I held a giveaway for my 44th Birthday, Stephanie was the only one who entered other people to win the giveaway. She entered her Mother and her Best Friend. My own daughter picked her Mother’s name from a bowl. So it was quite fitting when I was in touch with her Mother that she wanted this experience with Stephanie.  Stephanie is truly beautiful inside and out, often giving of herself in order to make lives better for others.
Below you will find a mix of favorites from our session. We had such a gorgeous morning, with perfect light all around us and the smiles that are so contagious. This session right here is what BeYou(tiful) is all about, celebrating the beauty that is you, shining from the inside out.

I think I should also add that Stephanie’s Mom is not only beautiful and fun, but is celebrating a milestone birthday this year. I still cannot believe that she is turning 70, very soon. She is not shy sharing her age and who wouldn’t be with genes like that? I wish for a fabulous birthday celebration for her and her family.
BeYou(tiful)To book your own BeYou(tiful) session please contact me directly at or 613-797-6818. We have a few sessions left for July and August available and are booking into the Fall.

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