With Gratitude – Ottawa Photographer Anna Epp

The time has come to wrap up the year. I was thinking of what to post, should I write out my goals for 2017? Should I post a bunch of my favorite images? Then I read an article from Bradford Rowley. His article suggests writing a list of good things that have happened in the last year before you write out your goals for the year to come. This is brilliant! We have to know where we came from to know where we are going. We cannot forget to be thankful for all that we have or have not accomplished this past year.

My online mentor, Sue Bryce, whom I was able to meet in person this past June, believes strongly in gratitude. Being able to give and receive with an open heart. I strive for this always, but sometimes it is harder than others. She also believes that gratitude is important, and she is so right. I am thankful everyday that I can  give so much to my clients with my talent and artistry. Not everyone can do that. Yes, everyone can take a picture, but not everyone can capture that moment or make the connection with people. I feel that I have that. I try with all my heart to tell a story with my photographs.

So, with an open heart I would like to close of 2016 with Gratitude, some is personal, some is professional.

  • The opportunity to spend time with my entire family at the cottage.
  • Our children are happy, healthy and all around great kids. Compliments from their teachers this Fall, made us feel like we have been successful in raising our children thus far.
  • We hosted a BBQ with old friends from high school, nothing like shared stories, music and laughter to remind you that good times still await.
  • Thankful for the opportunity to photograph clients that have been with me for years. I know there are other photographers out there, some less expensive and some who are different, so I am thankful for those that come and see me again.
  • Grateful for the new clients that have come to me this year, either through a referral or just searching on the internet, thank you.
  • Thankful that I was able to take part in a few special events, whether it was raising money for children or women with breast cancer, all mean the world to me.
  • Spent time at the cottage, resting, relaxing and soaking in the ocean air to restore me and fill me up for the long winter.
  • Sat outside under the stars.
  • Gratitude for two of my fellow photographers. We meet regularly, share stories, encourage each other.
  • Welcomed a new puppy into our lives, even though we swore we would never go the puppy route again, it has been worth it so far as he is truly a gem.
  • Enjoyed (yes, ENJOYED) being woken up by our neighbours rooster. We used to be woken by loud parties, crazy drivers and neighbours yelling. Since our move to the farmhouse almost two years ago, we are now woken by roosters, we will take it.
  • Thankful for quick visits with my two Kristas, we missed travelling this past year, but hopefully that will be corrected in my 2017 goals.
  • Thankful for a special group of Ladies. I have known them going on 15 years, and although we don’t get to spend time together often, when we do, it is magical.
  • Grateful that my husband is handy and enjoys building random things for me.

So to 2016, thank you, I am filled with Gratitude for all that has happened this past year and even a few things that didn’t happen. Looking forward an amazing 2017.

with thanks, Anna


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